Nokia N93i Video Phone


While on my daily stroll through the blogs that matter… look to right and get to clickindamn-nit; I came across this vision at Bravehound’s incredibly necessary blog.

It’s sleek, sexy and waiting for you to buy it for my upcoming birthday. OK, I’m an Arien so you’ve got a few weeks and it probably won’t be available until after June, but I thought I’d make my feelings known, so you wouldn’t have to guess.

See, I’m thinking of your ease & comfort. Really I am. If you haven’t discovered his blog and gotten there yourself, I highly suggest that you do. His customized house mixes -clock in at over an hour each and are available for MP3 download, they’re the perfect foil for those mind-numbing warmups ‘n downs on the treadmill. Find yourself there, you won’t be sorry.


One Response

  1. Actually, it’s been available for a few weeks. You can get it at shops like Plemix (, though it will probably come down another 100 – 150 bucks by Summer.


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