as the lights go off and ur head goes down… don’t let a drop go to waste

Cazwell’s ‘All Over Your Face’ is finally here! check out Caz and the club royalty of NYC, Amanda Lepore, Sebrina Flawless, Kim Aviance, Tre, Raquel Reed, Maria and Roberta get ready to hit the clubs.

And as successfully lauded by Jim Farber in the Weekend Music Guide- from his weekly column in the NY Daily News, “Cazwell’s latest CD GET INTO IT, plunges so eagerly into lowdown sex, none of its rhymes can be printed here, they’re that good”.

I however, have given a sneak peak with the title to this post. If such attitudes raise eyebrows, Cazwell is quick to assert that ‘if I was a straight rapper who had six songs out of seven about sex, no music journalist would bat an eye’. In fact, Cazwell feels his lyrics represent a nice corrective to many current images of gay people. If you Google the term “gay hip hop” you’ll find a site listing more than 100 links from around the world, with info about “homo-hop festivals, clubs and individual artists. This not only points to the breadth of this world, but the folly of considering it a uniform community. Says Cazwell, whats a community; do we all live together?

Last week and in response to K-Fed getting pounded by the media, John Waters asked the question, “who buys rough trade a Ferrari?” 

Answer- Mr. Cazwell, your keys await. You can find Cazwell on iTunes, now.


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