So do something already!


while i’m certainly no fan of “the Hillary”, if we’re to believe that she was as meddlesome, as right wing neo-cons paint(ed) her during her years in the white house, I can say un-categorically that she’s got the requisite-time-tested and substantive experience to do the job we require of her, as Leader of the Free World. the way Democrats of all persuasions; continually back a candidate with no track record or foresight of vision is particularly scary for me. repeated failure to realize that a candidate must posess enough foresight to get through the long haul and not just the first 100 Days- in order to keep the ball rolling downhill, is where we’ll lose again. With that in mind I offer the following for your consideration.

The Ridiculousness & Danger That Is Obama ’08
Sometimes, you really just have to sit back and laugh at the ridiculousness of the celebrity-obsessed political culture we now live in. Take this Chicago Sun-Times article by Lynn Sweet in which she predicts Illinois Sen. Barack Obama (D) will run for president. She goes through what he has to do to prepare for his run, and this is the one that just makes you chuckle:“Develop signature legislative initiatives: Once the Democrats control Congress come January, there’s a chance to pass legislation. Watch for Obama to focus on alternative energy measures, health care and ethics reform legislation that stalled earlier this year.”
Think about it. The national media is swooning over Obama, begging him to run for president. Yet, at the same time, they are implicitly acknowledging that he has actually not “developed significant legislative initiatives.” In other words, we are to simply accept that the the Obama for President wave has absolutely nothing to do with anything that the man HAS DONE and further, that whenever he does decide to use his enormous political capital to do something, it is all in pursuit of the White House – not any actual sense of DOING SOMETHING for the people who elected him to the Senate.
I don’t blame Obama for not having accomplished much – he’s been in the Senate for two years. As I wrote in the Nation, the main concern about him is that he doesn’t actually seem to ASPIRE to anything outside of the Washington power structure (other than maybe running for another higher office), and doesn’t seem to be interested in challenging the status quo in any fundamental way. Using his senate career as a guide, it suggests that any presidential run by him is about him, his speaking ability and his fawned over talent for “connecting” (whatever the hell that means).For progressives, this situation is perilous indeed. Obama is a candidate who has kept his record deliberately thin, who has risked almost nothing for the bigger movement, and in fact who has sometimes gone out of his way to reinforce dishonest stereotypes about the left. Flocking to a candidate like that without demanding that he change only reinforces the damaging concept that our movement is a Seinfeld Movement about nothing.



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