‘walk’ ~ ‘don’t walk’


This post was stolen- in it’s entirety, from blogger: Someone in a Tree.  It’s a great post that although directed at anyone… sums up and preps visitors to experience NY.  It’s a safety prep for all your ‘walk when it say’s don’t walk’ excursions in our fair city.  Enjoy.

Words of wisdom from the Greyhound bus driver:

“This is a bus, it is not a plane or a train. It speeds, it turns, it stops short. There is a bathroom at the rear of the bus for your convenience. If you need to use it, you need to really hold onto the seat-backs or the luggage racks if you get up and try to walk back there and don’t want to hurt yourself.”

“If you listen to music, wear your earphones. Keep the volume low. This is not the street. People aren’t walking by you; they’re stuck with you for several hours. Be considerate.”

“Cellphones. On the bus cellphones are for emergency calls only, they are not an entertainment device. You are free to take a call and talk for a minute. If you find you have an emergency lasting over a minute that you can assist in over the phone, please make your way to the rear of the bus and use the private phone room, which also houses the toilet. You are welcome to talk in there until your battery dies or until someone else has an emergency. No one bought a ticket to listen to your drama.”

And finally:

“We are now entering New York. This is not a ride at Disney World. Please stay seated, as we don’t ride on rails and can make sudden stops and starts.”

AND, he got us into town early!


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