Never, or not at least until we say so.


Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is appearing in the London stage production of Equus:

“The play, about a young man’s attacks on horses and a psychiatrist’s attempt to explain them, is altogether different fare from what Potter fans are used to, requiring his character Alan Strang to appear naked on stage.”

The poster, which uses Radcliffe’s nipples as a fusion point as his body morphs into the head of the horse, is a graphic triumph. And that’s what’s got Potter fans knickers in a twist.

God forbid this aspiring, and talented young actor should spread his wings and see where he lands- without the approval of the admiring throngs of pre-pubescent and aging fans  who insist he stay 13 until they’ve tired of him.  How dare he. Without their express permission.  He should be run out on a rail. 

Give ’em hell Daniel. Give ’em hell.

horse_02.gif   horse_02.gif   horse_02.gif    horse_02.gif

full story at Towleroad


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