Marine Hero Comes Out, Fights Military Gay Ban


“Look at the rights that people are being denied,” Alva recalled his partner saying. “And look at the rights that you are fighting for. Look at the rights that you put your life on the line for, for this country. And yet you don’t get any of them.

Eric Alva, now a retired Marine staff sergeant and the first U.S. service member injured in the Iraq war, decided he would come out as gay.

The decision, he said, came after his partner noted Alva lost his right leg while defending freedoms neither man could fully enjoy.  Alva said the words his partner spoke them in their San Antonio, Texas, home have stayed with him and influenced his decision to become a spokesperson.

“There are certain things you do in life at a certain time and a certain place,” Alva told The Washington Blade. “In my heart, I know this is the right time.”

 Full Story via; The Washington Blade


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