be afraid, be very afraid

Whenever you’ve heard some commentator, comedian or talk show guest talk about the ISSUE that’s being pushed to the side, this is what we’ve been telling you to wake up to.

 Via David Mixner Blog
The 800 pound national security gorilla is sitting right out in the open but we are all talking about something else.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Pakistan has more than 50 operational nuclear warheads capable of being launched by missile. We are not talking about a handful of low-yield nukes that exist in North Korea or the warheads that Iran might develop over the next five years. An unstable Pakistan is potently armed with nuclear weapons now and the country is vulnerable at any time to the turbulent politics embroiling the Islamic world. Pakistan

We really need to begin a vigorous debate about Pakistan and its nuclear arsenal. Unfortunately, it is entirely possible that we could wake up one morning, turn on the news and hear that junior military officers with militant Islamic politics staged a coup and gained control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.


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