I came into being. 4-4-61 @ 11:46am @ Forest Hills Hospital. Loved by more than one; a favorite of both friends & family;  adored without question; worshipped by those who’ve cared to venture forward & find the real person living at the center of the maelstrom.  In other words, I’m just like you.

about a boy ‘n his briefs turned me onto Imagini. The  banner below will show you who I am.




   resize_451d033d.jpg my sin (freedom gained 5/22/06)  

 resize_-2b8bb3d3.jpg my salvation (the dark mistress) 

resize_-7332850d.jpg the ctr of the storm (where I live)


2 Responses

  1. oh my gosh! youre an aries too!

  2. I can see why this is one of your most treasured posts. Thanks for sharing the link. Happy very belated birthday LOL. Quitting smoking is a bitch. Good for you. I smoked years ago, and I remember how hard it was to stop!

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