MASK MARKET – What i’m reading. as if you cared!!


A suprise gift from my brother, this is the 16th book i’ve read in Andrew Vachss’ extremely popular “Burke” series since he originally turned me on to him. 

Burke, the unlicensed investigator (think Vic Mackey with a hard-on); is confronted with a person from his past the he’s previously rescued. Twenty years later and that same person is enmeshed in a homicide and Burke is forced to evaluate the validity of his original rescue and explore the idea that perhaps he made a mistake.

This self-evaluation and the subsequent investigation leads to a considerable amount of the protagonists back-story being revealed. As a reader, your given insights into this complex and violent man’s methodology and motivations and this novel is a great entry point for a new fan. 

Andrew Vachss was an SVU prosecutor in  Brooklyn. His experiences are carried in each of his novels and this current book is thought to be a  gift from the author to longtime fans of the series who were Jonesing for Burke to continue. You should definitely check it out.


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  1. As a fan of Andrew Vachss, I enjoyed Mask Market greatly! You should also try his non-Burke series fiction. Two Trains Running (about the roots of modern race relations and set in 1959) is one of my favorites. BTW, Andrew Vachss was a Law Guardian (a lawyer appointed to represent abused children) in NYC; it is his wife Alice who was the Chief Prosecutor of the Special Victims Bureau in Queens, NY. Cheers!

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