Go big or go home.


I took the advice of Andy Towle and joined the GLEE community  ‘what’s rocking your ipod’ set-up by daily must read site and music critic ArjanWrites.The acronym GLEE  stands for Gay, Lesbian & Everyone Else.

Through the group members i’ve discovered innumerable new music and music sources for everything from concert reviews, daily MP3 downloads and exposure to new stuff you might not come across on your own.  One of the pleasant surprises I’ve found there is Matt Dusk.

Go big or go home. That might’ve been Matt Dusk’s mantra as he contemplated the making of his second album, Back in Town. The Toronto-born Matt Dusk is touring live this spring, which coincides with the release of Back in Town this past April. The 27-year-old crooner already had a sensational major-label debut under his belt with 2004’s Two Shots, which was partially recorded at London’s famous Abbey Road Studios with a 42-piece string section from the prestigious Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Dusk was able to bring some first-hand experience to “Get Me to the Church On Time” not that he’s married. “I used to sing at a ton of weddings,” says Dusk, “and I’d get invited to all the stags and see how the grooms were hell bent on sowing their wild oats and having their last hurrah. So I can totally relate to that scene.”

Although he refrains from divulging details, Dusk’s personal life has helped to shape both Back in Town and its predecessor. “The songs on Two Shots were more on the sad side because I was going through a rough time at that point in my life,” he explains. “Most of the songs were about lost love and self discovery. On this album, it’s the exact opposite. The majority of these songs are more about finding love, being happy and laughing, because the pendulum’s definitely swingin’ the other way.”  With the big, bold and defiantly upbeat Back in Town, Dusk is doing just that.  Checkout the vid, you’ll be impressed too.

sources; GLEE, Arjanwrites, Towleroad


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