DESIGN CAN CHANGE – working together to address climate change


 The paper and pulp industry is the third largest polluter, and according to the AIGA, their members alone specify or purchase $9.1 billion in printing and paper annually. In seeking ways to help mitigate their impact, smashLAB found few resources directly related to graphic design. There had been discussion, essays, and conferences dedicated to sustainability, but not much in the way of a clearing house for sustainable graphic design information.

Design Can Change provides a resource that answers many designer’s questions while helping design buyers locate environmentally-sensitive graphic designers. The site encourages designers to make this issue pivotal in all aspects of their practice by asking them to engage suppliers, clients, students and the general public in discussion around sustainability. Through vivid photographs and concise infographics, Design Can Change makes a compelling argument that encourages designers to act now while outlining the steps to do so.

Getting a large number of people to commit to any kind of breaking initiative is difficult at best, but with Design Can Change smashLAB was able to generate interest and strong support for a worthy cause. Well-recognized members of the design community offered contributions and trade publications took notice to further propel the effort. smashLAB also strengthened relationships already established with their blog and made new connections with like-minded online communities.

Eric Karjaluoto, smashLAB’s creative director, wanted to share his studio’s most important project to date: Design Can Change. This is how he put it:

“Design Can Change is our effort to bring designers together to address climate change and advocate sustainability. After ten months of research and hard work, we have launched the website. It works on the premise that designers are a critical hub for business, industry and the public; therefore, we have the ability and responsibility to lobby, inform, and subsequently enable positive change, by working together. Key to this effort is the pledge: a set of guidelines for becoming more sustainable. It gives designers an actionable framework for embracing sustainability and also helps quantify our collective strength as we lobby for change.”

I strongly urge ALL BLOGGERS to visit the Design Can Change website (just click the banner below), take the pledge and help spread the word regarding this truly important effort. Quickly now, before the poles melt… even more.

Design Can Change


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  1. Sometimes the rainbow is more than enough.

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