Twelve hours in the life of…

A Meme

1AM In which time zone do you live?
Eastern Standard Time.

2 AM What time do you get up in the morning?
4:30 a.m.

3 AM Is there are time of day that is your favorite? 

6 a.m., when I get a quiet hour in the gym.

4AM A ‘waste of time’ for you is…
Finishing one of these that’s any longer than this one.

5AM Do you have a favorite timepiece?
Currently, it’s the 18k Pocket watch I snagged an an Estate Sale in upper Warren Cty.visting family last month.  For peanuts.

6AM What has been the best time of your life so far?
Completing the second day of my Inca Trail sojourn, and arriving at the ruins with the love of my life- completely covered in dirt from the hike.  The Amazon river clean up that followed will never-be-surpassed.

7AM If you could save time in a bottle, you would….
Spend every day ’til eternity passes staring into your eyes, locked in your embrace.

8AM I have no time for….
…bullshit conversation. The friend that always invites me over to just watch television and loves to talk about money. How much he’s got, how he’ll earn even more, how he intends to spend it and the ways I can, should, ought to- increase my own. I have no time for this kinda crap.

9AM This takes you more time than the usual person to…
Learn a foreign language. Though part Portuguese, I’ve responded to my parents phonetically forever.

10AM What time in history would you go to visit?
Right now.  I’m broker, weaker in body and spirit. But I’m still fiercer than most.

11AM What was the worst time of your life?
The day I realized he didn’t love me like that. and that I’d have to pack it in and move on.

 12PM For a good time, I do the following….
Communicate with the fantastic body of men I’ve met in the Blog-os-phere..


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