Video View Tuesday – NSFW~ultimately


Latest obsession…a free MP3 that’s not to be missed

Daniel Zueras. My Spanish skills are very rusty now; due to under–no-use, but from what Ive pulled together, he was a contestant on Spanish American Idol and while he didn’t win, his debut single no quiero enamorarme.mp3 is currently at #2 on the Spanish charts and the hot video featuring a naked Daniel getting it on with a guy and a girl is a keeper. (that’s not the reason I love it, honestly…)

Actually, while it was coming across the VIDEO ON YOUTUBE that got me into him, the song really sounds great. That and the video is flagged on You Tube for potentially inappropriate content making it even hotter! 

There’s even a vid on UTube from the Spanish Language A.I. competition, which features him singing the Billy Paul classic, Me & Mrs. Jones- that fore-tells the strengtgh of his future musical chops. Too bad our own Idols are not this strong. Check him out, Grab the song.


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