The New Toy


I’m a die-hard, eternally faith-full Ipod user and I have been since the bois in Cupertino announced the first IPOD for windows based computers.  I’ve since updated it five times.

1. A new IPod after the original took a header into the Hudson   2. The Mini and my sojourn into the West 4th Street subway tracks after I lost my grip on it   3. The Nano, which I swear to you, could play video until the evil Apple software update right before the 30gig was announced  4. The shuffle, just because it was cute

5. And now, the 80gigI only actually has 74. whatever gigs on it after initial registration.  But I”ll not have to remove older albums from my play-lists to make room for pertinent Pod-casts, Television show free previews and music videos.  I’ve got them all on it plus 712 of the best songs from every music genre, Yo-Yo Ma to Klaxons and 69 gigabytes to go. Watch out ShortBus, here I come

I was up until midnight making sure it was ready to go today.  If I don’t get robbed during my MTA commute, I’ll be the happiest boy in the world.  Can’t wait to watch the ‘Rufus Wainwright ~ going to a town’ video from my subway seat.


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