Details :: How to Dress Up Denim

With the right trimmings, denim can work almost any room. Forget about Urban Cowboy. When you pair the right shade of jeans with the right blazer and accessories, you’re creating a classic.

Under the direction of photographer James Macari, top male model Will Chalker teaches us a trick or two on how to nail the denim look! You can find the article in the latest issue of Details magazine. It all looks great, but for a renown male model, Will looks a bit too average in these pictures.

story via Details Magazine and American Urge


2 Responses

  1. I think jeans with a nice blazer or coat is super sexy. These pics agree.
    I’ve tried to wear the outfit to work and was told… DON’T. But with all the new washes and a hot summer on the way, I’m gonna try it again with a less severe outlook. ‘that’s what intrigued me about the article.

    glad you liked it

  2. I love the dark denim with the sweaters…not a fan of lighter colored denim here.
    It’s the color wash with the grey and light brown blazers that i’m going for this summer. The dark denim just feels like fall to me.

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