and i’ve also got lots of Charicature

If I where a character on The Simpson’s

Exactly who doesn’t love the Simpson’s?  To help get you ready for the big film debut later this month you can check out the official movie site: ttp:// 

You create a Simpson’s avatar to look just like you.  So if I was a character… This is what I would look like!


The outfit’s courtesey of the new Marc Jacobs store in P-town. (duh!!!)


3 Responses

  1. I’ve gots to have that T-shirt!


  2. Love the monochromatic look! 😛 And the fish has Homer’s eyes. Some kinky cross-breeding going on? 😛

    just trying to stay as fashionbly smart as necessary.
    What happens in Homer’s bathtub, stays in Homer’s bathtub. At least until you let the drain out.

  3. Owwww, I love it. I have my night planned out now.

    Good for you. Your gonna have a ball.

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