Radar working fine, Cap’tum

I decided to stay out of the weather this weekend and keep close to home.  I ate in, didn’t drink, no ‘partaying’ whatsoever; and this morning I awoke at my usual time with a fog over me that rivaled what NY went through on Sunday.

Everything was done according to plan, the dogs- walked and fed. Dinner- preseasoned and left to marinate. Got to work on time with the pre-requisite double expresso latte’s and I got down to business.  It wasn’t until closer to 1:pm that I realised the head was clearing and although all of this mornings plans were kept, a meeting held, progress acheived; I couldn’t for the life of me remember how I’d gotten it done. Autopilot mode could now be disengaged.

The photo was on my desktop this morning  courtesey of some ingenious photographer at Webshots who foresaw my entire week-end/beginning with stunning accuracy.  The heavy Cumulonimbus’ lifting and a new dawn approaching.

 I’ve added something special from the Pointer Sisters that gets straight to the point. 




One Response

  1. Beautiful picture. And I did the same. Only left the house very early in the morning, and in the evening. No mid-day dog walking; which pissed them off. They had to resort to plopping their goodies in the back yard LOL

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