Nah, there’s no global warming effecting us

So OK. As NY’ers we expect seriously inclement weather from season to season, but c’mon.  This is getting dangerous and seriously serious. 

You know as NY’ers that in a major storm like this mornings; that travel on the subways is fucked.  But the weather I saw before going to sleep said it would all take place overnight and the ‘Near’ tornadoes that Brooklyn experienced and the wind and lightening the rest of us got were not forecast.  It’s getting to the point where denying the effects of global warming are becoming dangerous.  It scares the hell  outta me to think that we’ll get the winter in ’08 – that western NY got this past Jan/Feb.

After 9-11 and again after the NorthEast was struck by the Blackout.  We all got “Go Bags” and we were somewhat prepared for Armeggedon.  Thank God I kept mine up to date.  At least I was able to change into clean-dry clothes this morning.  My co-workers have remained in their damp and alot of times; soaking wet clothes in all that air-conditioning.  In a week they’ll forget why they’ve all got colds, or worse. I’ve always hated Ginch-Gongch, but at least I was able to offer that small tithe to a co-worker who’ll be eternally grateful. That bags getting updraded, restocked and returned with a coupla bottles of water first thing in the morning and I’m sure with several new under-the-desk playmates too boot.

 We’re not prepared and we’d better get so quickly.  Our lives are gonna depend on it.



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  1. I hate to rub this in your face, but the weather’s gorgeous over here in L.A….hope things clear up there soon!

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