Face Plant

OK, so let’s admit it.  We were looking for the walls to cave in on one of these guys and Gov. Richardson did not disappoint.  I honestly don’t understand, outside of maintaining the Democratic Process, why some of these also-rans were even a part of yesterdays historic town-hall with the LGBT Community; but I guess we don’t see the forest unless you study all the foliage.

It’s now evident to me and hopefully to you as well that this is a race between Obama/Clinton/Edwards and the rest can now start to fall by the waist-side, as they should.  Nothing surprising was revealed except that LOGO Network finally began and ended a show on time.  I guess we should have the candidates around everyday. 

News from around the world has once again- proved how lucky we are to be American Citizens with even the ‘kinda-sorta’ rights we get from State to State and weave together as we’re required too. http://365gay.com/Newscon07/08/081007nigeria.htm

No matter what your political proclivities we didn’t get the Lemmings Death Leap we anticipated.  So enjoy the Runway Roadkill via Fashion Television and UTube.


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  1. um, yeah a lot of things are evident now 🙂

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