happy anniversary

Friday marked the  25th birthday of the compact disc! Hard to believe that it’s been that long since I took that ‘easy “A” course’ in Mass Communications and that girl did her quarterly thesis on the thing that’s changed our lives. 

Since Philips rolled the first CD off its production lines on August 17th, 1982,  Some 200 billion discs have been sold worldwide and are starting to take on that yellowed-turnedup-torn edge look as it becomes the grandfather to more convenient formats looking to replace it.

How wonderful it’s been to re-discover this weekend the things that made me happiest that I haven’t looked on recently.  I own over 650 CD’s, Special Pressings, Imports, etc.  I rediscovered Paula Abdul singing ‘Push/Push’ to Keanu Reeves (if only Paula), Babs Streisand singing a remastered ‘on a clear day’, the CD singles; is ‘Corey Hart still wearin’ his sunglasses at night’,  the 24K gold plated CD’s of ‘Yellow Brick Road-Abraxxis-Innervisions’ that the boif couldn’t believe I payed 36.99 for  (Subterranean Records in the Village says each are worth $125.00 if not scratched) They ain’t.

Hey Keith- Elton, Santana and Stevie said “ca’ching!!” I’m a huge fan of the Ipod. With over 1386 songs on my 80 gig black video ipod and counting, I’m  addicted to keeping it all in my pocket.  But still- it’s nice to put on a little Nancy Wilson and crank the speakers and the sub-woofer up and get the cleaning done with a bop and an attitude.

Here’s an example of how far we’ve come. Click here and enjoy. Happy B-day


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