Suprised? Nah, not necessarily.


I’ve developed a clairvoyance when it comes to performers (un)necessary addictions to either drugs, lovers or hanger’s-on; but this one I saw coming before ever seeing her or the satellites in her life up close and personal.  From over a year ago -when my brother turned me onto the new ‘chick’ he’d heard in London that turned him out-I knew this was destined to not-end-well.

Endearing fans dripping in pathos for a performer is something that delvelops between an artist and their audience over time.  When you recognize a downward spiral and an ensuing deathleap to come; from just the first 6 songs you hear, you know it’s a flame destined to extinguish itself before its due.

I love you Amy.  I don’t blame you. You told us it would all Fade to Black.

Get the song here >>


One Response

  1. Amy’s faded already???

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