Senator, your car is ready.


Good riddance.  The news of this past weekend was alarming in that once again- a brother at arms has chosen to live the life he found acceptable to that which is honest-true and fulfilling. He’s damaged family and friends with his dishonesty.  Rather than build a family that matters and are true when we’re put to the test; he chose the safer-easier path of lies and disrespect and sought intimacy in a toilet. 

Mike Rogers of had the truest evaluation of why these men must be exposed.  Said Mike, thought to be one of the most dangerous men on
Capital Hill of closeted political hypocrites in today’s Washington Post article titled The Most Feared Man On The Hill? and further reported in a post from blog-daddy JoeMyGod, When those private lives are in direct conflict with the public policy that these officials espouse, I think it’s fair game that their private lives be brought into this. And I have the blog to do that with.” 

I say again.  See ya Lar, and don’t let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya!

Post post Update: It seems Sen. Arlen Spector has asked Craig not to resign on Sept. 30th as he planned.  Yes Senator, please do stay in office until Nov. ’08. Help remind Americans exactly what the current Republican Party is capable of in turnin-out one of it own.


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