Our responsibility to the Market Place



 Folsom S.F. is now in full swing and I’m sure the revelers have moved past the Fal-de-rah that the Miller Brewing Company found itself defending against the X-tians who got their goat-up over the advertisement used by the Event Organizers.

I’ve gone back and forth over this one and posted comments on other’s sites arguing both for and against the ads when I was influenced by and in response to; other writers commentaries.

I can say that I’ve come full circle and my opinion is this:  The ad was an Attack.  An attack meant to start a fight and that’s what where getting.  As Andrew Sullivan stated “the only way to show real fairness, it to use an appropriate image that may anger Muslims next year”.  He doubted organizers would have the balls to do so saying, “Easy, cheap blasphemy impresses no one”, and so do I.

Now, to Miller Brewing.  They may or may not continue to finance this event in the future and there’s one sure way to make sure they do.  We should consume their products with abandon for the next three weeks and then discontinue using them until Mid January 2008.  This is because the fiscal year 1Q just ended.  A stark increase & a decrease in the 2nd Fiscal Quarter will make them aware of just where our dollar is -& how much it can and should be counted on; and how fickle it can be when we deem it so.  This is why the fundies are taken seriously & feared.

Back to Folsom. I found this tune when searching the net last nite and thought it appropriate for my subject and the event.

Regina Howard singing “a freak like me” just click the link below the Daddy pictured above.  Let them flags wave high and Enjoy!


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