If Animals Had Chat Rooms:

 I totally lifted this from someone else’s site.  I just loved it and wanted to share!

SNAIL: What are you into?

RAM: I like to give head

BULL: I’m very into piercings

OWL: If I’m here, I’m looking

CHAMELEON: Comfortable in any situation

BLOODHOUND: I’ll come to you

SPIDER: NSA fun only

RABBIT: Looking for harey guys that eat their own shit

PIG: Like it wet ‘n messy

VULTURE: Raw only

SPARROW: If you know what emetophilia is, message me!

HORSE: I’m hung, of course of course

SKUNK: Into natural odors and scents

CAT: Looking for another pussy to lick- very flexible

FROG: Oral top- very gifted tongue

COW: NOT into leather scene

GROUNDHOG: Looking for holes to play in


One Response

  1. pretty funny. keep those rabbits away from me!

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