Left out in the cold yet again?

Moscow’s skyline is about to change, a 612 meters tower is rising in Moscow International Business Center, 118 floors (101 elevators) to be completed in 2012. Designed by Foster + Partners.


Upon completion it will be the tallest building in Europe and the second tallest in the world. It will be second only to the Burj Dubai.

What’s interesting to me is “why isn’t there something this well thoughout and interesting here in NYC?”  Like in lower Manhattan? Say near Crt St./Dey St./Liberty St./West St.?  Looks like a freedom tower to me.

 via OutNext by Steph & Alek


2 Responses

  1. Moscow has been sneaking in some beautiful, tall scrapers all decade long. I think our real-estate market is too ‘soft’ for financing such extravagant buildings.

  2. it does look like a freedom tower. maybe moscow needs a beacon of hope and strength now more than we really do. i would rather have something go up here at home once gw goes away…seems more fitting.

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