A day late and a dollar short… Maybe?


OK; the facts.  I missed posting yesterday due to some severe leg cramping.  Not a usual threat, so I was bewitched-bothered-and it hurt like hell.  Morphine should be sold over the counter, I swear.  It stopped the cramps immediately and left me all tingly until late this morning.  Docs are perplexed, but like I said… OVER THE COUNTER BOYS.

I’m making up for skipping New Music Tuesday (link below) and combining it with a bit of Hot Nude Thursday (the fine- Josh Wald above) on this happy cramp free Hump’day.  It’s the newly leaked, (ie., we give it away to get the DJ’s sparked up), J. Lo and Carlos Santana track. 

I can’t wait for the album to drop ’cause Miss Thing owes me for the 10 bucks I gave up to Itunes for the lead footed crap she was shilling two weeks ago. Enjoy.

santana-feat-jennifer-lopez-baby-bash  THIS BOIS FIRE


One Response

  1. Ummmm Yummmmmm & spanks for the music too. Hope the leg is better soon!

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