an uncommon depth

While tooling around the net I came across the most amazing photoblog authored by and showcasing the photographic art of Roberta Murray.  What’s most refreshing about her site is that beyond the usual admonishments of stealing others work and representing it as your own; she posits her viewers to make honest rather than seemingly heartfelt reviews of the work you view.

 Asks Murray of her fans “Although it’s nice to hear people gush over your shots, a lot of times I know they can’t be serious. I’ve posted garbage before only to see the same nice comments made. I would rather have 1 honest comment, that a dozen nice ones. Would there be any interest in forming some sort of network where you can place a button or something on your site that indicates you welcome honest critiques?”

I know, pretty out-there for a blogger, but can you imagine if we were all that honest?  What a world it could be.  But as you can see from the shot below, her talent- like her vision, is huge. Please- take the plunge and visit her site… Often.



2 Responses

  1. that is a nice shot. i love the reflective nature of chrome. and that drip… well

  2. Wow…that pic would look awesome in a matted frame & hanging in my bathroom…thanks for the headsup!

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