Here I am happy to be so near the end of my yearly hard-drive clean up when I find two old songs that made me wretch.  Not in a bad way, but when I played this one I was taken back more than 10 years to the man who made me want more than I ever had and reach for more than I was ever entitled too. 

Then while cruising through GAYTOGETHER I came across this doppelganger that made my knees buckle.  Not the full features, but the van-dyke and those smarmmy ‘stare too long and you’re lost’ eyes- made me think, now twice in one week, of the man who hasn’t crossed my mind in years.

The hook in the song will explain it all.  i’m still cruising off of it all ’cause as in the pic above and in real life… the carpet matched the drapes and the interiors were just, WHOA!!!!!!!!.


hope you’re well KGB.


3 Responses

  1. behind blue eyes eh?

  2. oooh la la….him so pretty!

  3. It feels like you haven’t blogged in an eternity! Hope you’re having fun! 🙂

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