Normally I wouldn’t dare be so brazen and heap-on her mounting woes, but the on-line Tabs are reporting that she’s been released after a visit by Oprah’s Vah-Jay-Jay, I mean, Dr. Phil; and that she may well be appearing on his show as early as next week.

Isn’t this possibly the last thing in the world she needs right now? I was hoping for some court appointed help or at least a life preserver thrown out by Dr. Drew Pinsky, but this douche’?!?

Californians- watch for road signs like the one above and keep  your eyes peeled for the massive throng of Paps trailing at close range.  They may get the ending they’ve been gunnin’ for all along; The mother of two small boys on the coroner’s slab.


2 Responses

  1. i think she’s in colorado in rehab now. so no road kill in the near future…

    hey, i left you a note on qd…

    hope you’re doing well.

  2. i am stopping by to tag you. hope you decide to play.
    no britney sightings in colorado yet.

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