Rockin’ the IPOD

Yeah OK, I download way too much music but given all the other vices I could adopt; I think this one’s pretty sane and harmless.

I’ve now got over 2200 songs, 73 music videos, 11 episodes of various television programs and three books I’m currently (reading) listening to and I still haven’t gotten to ShortBus or Resident Evil yet. 

Through it all; I get to keep it all at my fingertips and maintain an elevated sense of humor while standing around in waiting-rooms, at airports, on the subway and the other times when I don’t want to waste time or brain-cells with the boob tube.   All this to say, I ain’t drinking-driving-drugging or screwing around excessively and wasting anyone else’s time and energy in the process.  A pretty healthy form of avarice if I say so myself.

This is M and plenty of her. An 11 minute Mega-Mix as only Shep Pettibone could imagine.  I don’t remember where I found this but I play it loud while cleaning, I keeps the cobwebs at bay while I keep ’em outta the house.

click the pic and enjoy!


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