Rad Brad is back

I originally posted this on Jan. 22 of 2007 and have been anxiously waiting for it to hit the theatres and the wait is finally over.  Do not miss this people. You’ll be sorry if you do.

 shelterqb31.jpg shelterqb11.jpg shelterqb2.jpg   

(click to enlarge)

That’s right fight fans.  The biscuit in the wet suit is Brad Rowe.  Who we haven’t seen much of in the movies lately, but he’s been forging an impressive lineup of credits on the small screen.  Especially on CSI, CSI Miami and as a writer and Producer. We’ve all been in lust since he costarred with Sean Hayes in Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss. And let’s be honest; if you’ve had a  lustful, lascivious thought about a pair of pursed red lips, he’s where you got them and I’m glad he’s returning to the silver screen.

While I have been pleasantly surprised by the recent crop of gay movies.  There are some great quality gay flicks out there, and I have the feeling that Shelter, the new movie by Jonah Markowitz, will join the ranks.

Shelter tells the story of Zach (played by Trevor Wright), who has put aside his aspirations for a career in art to take care of his family.  A romance with a surfing buddy one summer forces him to make important decisions about his life.  Yummers.  Shelter just finished shooting, and I will let you know more as soon as more info comes out.  

 Via our good friends @ Queer Beacon


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