HAPPY ‘The Day Before’

This isn’t anger; or hate or unfulfilled promise.  This is just a post by a single blogger who’s fortunate enough not- to be in a relationship on the day its most appropriate to remind that certain someone your willing to put up with their most vile shit.  If for just one more day.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I walked away. Literally. I left a job, friends, clothes and him.  It’s what I knew I had to do in order to maintain any semblance of myself.  He hates me, this I know.  But I don’t hate him. or the throngs of friends and satellites that stayed close to ease the transition for him back to single-dom.

A Year has past and I tried right after the holidays to let him know that even if he wanted me dead; I only wanted happiness and everlasting love for him.  But now its V-day again and I’ve forgiven myself for rescuing me. I weep no longer.

For those of you in the same place, I offer the following pic and it’s enclosed tuneby Leona Lewis.  It’s a Moto Blanco house remix of her ‘bleeding love’and I think it apropos. 

Enjoy. And welcome back to the land of the living. I hear we’ve been missed.


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  1. just a note to say “HEY”

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