It’s here, it’s here!!!

After plenty of very close calls, NYC is finally in the midst of a full 5-8 inches of mother natures finest. I cannot get upset at the slips and falls (3x this morning) that I’ve experienced. The complete surprise from my dogs on their morning walkdrag- or the look of complete disbelief that my neighbors and I shared as we put the garbage back into our driveways ’cause we know… none of its getting picked up ’til next week’


It’s snowing and it’s pretty and the forecast rain storms for the weekend will make it all go-away too soon. Good storms and the ill tidings that follow them are something all East-coasters are use to by the age of 7 and at 40 years plus that- I still wonder with amazement if it’s the right weight and consistency to make a substantive snowball out of. 

It came down the way we wish it did every Christmas morning so as an aural representation of what coulda’ been, clicking on the pretty pic will get you Josh Groban performing ‘petit poppa noel’.  Yeah, I know its the end of February, but this is NY and I can still wish I were 7 and we’d get snowfall through Easter Sunday.


2 Responses

  1. Yeah I’m excited over the 4 inches we got! I think it will be the storm of this season.

  2. there is something sensual about those prickly bits sticking out from the snow bunches.

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