CIRCLE OF HAPPINESS leads to rebirth

Every man has seen the wall that confines his spirit.
— Alfred de Vigny


I was walking down the curved steps that leave from my home, (while fishing some coin from my pocket to pay for the daily tabs that I enjoy along with my I-pod, coffee and the 1,1/2 hour train commute to work each day-) when I dropped my quarters onto the lawn. As I attempted to  retrieve ’em I noticed that something was going on just beneath the lingering frost and dead leaves I never swept-up this winter.  The crociis’  and tulips I’d toiled over in late October were starting to bud as they prepared to jump forth and reclaim the spring. 

It was shortly thereafter that I realized something rather amazing. I was re-awakening too.

Although we were once again spared a NY winter of too many deluging snow storms- the cold; wind; and lack of daylight had taken it tole and had made me more belligerent and short tempered than I’d stomach from any friend or lover. and yet here I stood, safe, happy, admired and sated.

I’ve passed through the maelstrom once again and after a simply dismal winter season in which I saw a 5 yr. relationship fail, the end of other friendships and the loss of my mother after her 81 years of life, I thought I wanted to live no longer.  But curling into a ball and waiting for an end wouldn’t come quickly or stop the molt.

I’ve survived it all. Stronger, wiser and smarter for the tumult. Due in large part to my family, my friends, a  huge workload and that cute dirty~Blond with the weirdly sexy uneven ‘stache that I just gotta know better before I get outta here for good.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
— Milton Berle

As a testament to my ongoing growth and stalwart perseverance; I’m making this an aural post.  click the pic to get the hit.

and be sure to check out a new compatriot in the brotherhood of blogs, Lost in the Woods :yummy, but NSFW.


4 Responses

  1. With you, I have to ask, “Is that aural or oral?” 😆 Beautiful post and so glad you decided to join this little happiness circle meme thingie (or whatever it is!).

  2. Don’t you love it when nature comes along and tells you to stop your whining and notice how magnificent she is? It’s almost like she’s saying, “Do you like the way my tight sweater fits my body?”

  3. I’m really sorry I wasn’t aware of all of these bits of your life lexx. but now that i am, i will send some love your way….

    i really am thankful i read your post today.. it takes me outa my own crapola…

  4. Great post. Looks like we’ve shared some hard times. But spring is almost here!

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