We have officially begun the summer season of ’08.  Time to get the gear out and dial the daily grind to half-mast. Cause as we all strongly agree- at this time of the year we’re more apt to run ourselves to the very brink of demise.  Until Thursday night that is. When we crank up the worry to third gear over weekend invitations, whether or not we can still get away with last year’s bathing suits, Sunday nights’ quick comeuppance and that whole issue of not starting the beach-body diet/workout regime last February,

Sit back; relax; relate; and release.  The mojito’s will still be properly mulled and mixed, that bitch next-door with the flabby Lats will still have the better garden; for half the effort, and the suits will do just fine.  ’cause your real friend’s would never tell you otherwise. (at least not to your face).

Summer ’08.  Hot guys, Sunday tea, seedless water-melon; ET VOU!!!

The song is Jennifer Hudson singing the therme from the SATC-movie.  It just sounds liike a NY summer.

clic the pic to get the hit…



2 Responses

  1. omg!

    the pics you post amaze me. they are sooooo sensual…

  2. what a beautiful picture!

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