Oh.  To be ‘In Treatment’ Or at least in an In Treatment Spoof with Tom Ford!!!!!!

If you’ve ever been in therapy, then you know the pitfalls of falling for the guy.  They steer you clear of the option from the start; but striking down emerging feelings for the man kissing the really big boo-boo’s away is hard. 

You want to stay clear of anything that even remotely resembles any of the situations that got you here in the first place but its hard for a grown man to strip-away the layers that get you a positive result, and not allow yourself to revert to the bad ways that make you subservient to the one that holds your head above the fray, makes sure you keep it skyward and restores the missing pieces.

The fact that they’d never act on those feelings is what allows us to make ourselves whole again. But damn.  What a ride down the rabbit hole it would be if Tommy Boy where there for the jaunt. Part of this series were a little too out-there for my tastes; but what I loved about it was that they made it available via Pod-cast. So I got to watch it in one sitting, one lonely Saturday afternoon.  I hope they do it again.


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  1. 😆 I don’t even know who he is!

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