Pass the flag on…

Via Kelly at Rambling Along in Life…. He’s started what’s become a yearly tadition. He posts a flag representing Pride and requests that all his visitors, (daily or just passing through) post it on their own blogs as a show of gay solidarity. However, this year he’s asked that all who participate tell the story of their own transition into the greater family of man.  The out ‘n proud GAY ONE.

In contemplating this, I again realized what I’ve always known.  Mine was a cake-walk when put up against the stories we all tell of this pivotal moment.  I was the son of two progressive NY’ers who each had gay siblings who were out; and proud of it, long before my 1973 debut into ‘the life.”

The pain I caused myself anticipating how to broach the subject with the fam, was eased by my father who knew what I was experiencing- since my first crush was sent to a Kabul to study for the summer and I wore a new groove into Carole Kings ‘So Far Away’; he made sure I knew he understood and still loved me. Made sure I kept myself physically safe from the rest of the neighborhood and assured me that Avi would return and life would continue. He did, and it did.

I am a proud gay man on this special day when my brothers and sisters on the left coast, get their civil rights recognized come this afternoon. HAPPY PRIDE


2 Responses

  1. ahhh- the tapestry album. that was one of my very musical indulgences.

  2. duhhh- very FIRST- musical indulgences..

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