WTF? Po Po at the door.

So OK. I was blasting the volume and it was 1-am in the morning; But I never thought flabby-lat-bitch would actually make the call.  It is club music afterall and I know you’re a sista; So WTF?

The police were nice, they really didn’t care what either of us thought; they just wanted the music and the situation killed ASAP; I did as asked and that was that, but ya gotta hear this to understand, its as if you’re in a really hot club and the “THUMPA-THUMPA” is working all by itself and you have to blast it or you’ll never get any sleep.

This is a DJ Neon mix available here or from PartyFavorz which is on Itunes.  Enjoy it, just don’t play it to loud.



1. Jody Watley – A Beautiful Life (Lost Daze Mix)

2. Mandy Moore – Extrodinary (Bill Hamel Mix)
3. Sugarbabes – Girls (Smart & Dove Mix)
4. Solange – Sandcastle Disco (Lost Daze Mix)
5. Chris Lake – Only One (Original Mix)
6. Antoine Clamaran feat. Lulu Hughes – Give Some Love (Klaas Mix)
7. Freemasons feat. Katherine Ellis – When You Touch Me (2008 Club Mix)
8. Kylie Minogue – The One (Freemasons Mix)
9. Bingo Players vs. Chocolate Puma – Touch Me (Bart B More Mix)
10. Lindsay Lohan – Bossy (Josh Harris Mix)
11. Ne-Yo – Closer (Stonebridge Mix)
12. Kim Leoni – Medicine (Extended Mix)
13. Alyson – Here With Me (Klubjumpers Mix)
14. Keo Nozari – Rewind (Jody Den Broeder Mix)
15. Rihanna – Disturbia (Jody Den Broeder Mix)
16. Ercola feat. Daniella – Every Word (Wendel Kos Mix)
17. Morgan Page feat. Tyler James – Call My Name (Gold Mix)
18. Kressha Turner – Don’t Call Me Baby (Morel Mix)
19. Natasha Bedingfield – Angel (Moto Blanco Mix)
20. Tami Chynn feat. Akon – Frozen (Ralphi Rosario Mix)
21. Tiffany – Just Another Day (Dave Aude Club Mix)
22. Anna Grace – You Make Me Feel (Voodoo & Serano Mix)
23. Cascada – Faded (Dave Ramone Electro Mix)



Is Anderson Cooper replacing Katie Couric?

Despite names of potential replacements being bandied about – and the name at the top of the list is CNN’s silver fox, Anderson Cooper;  It in fact it seems CNN and CBS might be considering a trade of sorts. Apparently that happens in both sports and evening news.

Looks like hard work, milk and GV  jeans genes- did a body good.  Who knew?


A blockbuster trade of TV superstars was floated Friday by TV insiders as a solution to CBS’ Couric problem. Cooper, CNN’s prematurely gray prince of cable TV, would replace Couric as the anchor of CBS’ “Evening News.” He already is a contributor to CBS’ “60 Minutes,” they said.

full story via Ceelebitchy”


On a rainy Tuesday, a whole Lotta years ago, 4-4-61; at 11:46am, I was born into this world. And I’m still pissed at the early wake-up let me tell ya. I don’t recall if I’m full of face or full-o-grace, the jury’s still out on either, but I’m having dinner with family and a few close friends.  It’s supposed to be a surprise, but Cousin Jean knows all to well that the wrong outfit and no steak frittes with snails and a crisp white means trouble for all. Real Family; ya gotta love ’em.

and I do! 

Some catchy Natasha Beddingfield is included in the pic bellow. The song is a lot like my life lately; just when you think its all over- there’s another verse that makes it all make sense– to get through!!!


put it on mute, Daddy!

Bea Arthur, Sally Struthers, Charlotte Rae and Katherine Helmond (& Abe Vigoda) in an amusing take-off of Carrie and the gurhls after the Depends go full price at Save-on!! Happy April  Fools Day! Enjoy.

its really quite simple…


I’ve been distant; I’ve been all over your blog(s); I’ll be back next week.

Happy soakin’ wet HUMPDAY!

Out ‘n proud model Chad Costellanous plays Little Red for our rainy-day viewing pleasure.  Down Wolfy. Good Boy!!!!!!!!!!



Oh, C’mon! You knew this one was coming.

Is it just me, or are the squirrels in the park getting sneakier?
— Grace Adler


A souce told MSNBC’s The Scoop that Will is definitely in the process of becoming a member, “He’s been getting more and more involved. And it isn’t just him, it’s definitely Jada, too.

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