what’r ya readin’


After being inspired earlier this morning by blog daddy JoeMyGod, I decided that this would be a great post and a way to help change the summer reading schedule of those of you looking to broaden your perspectives.

That and that 300 is being released this weekend and this story is about another of the real life hot greek bois of yore.

Author Steven Pressfield once again proves that it’s all Greek to him. In Tides of War, he tells the tale of Athenian soldier extraordinaire Alcibiades.  He is first among equals–a great warrior and an impressive physical specimen to boot: “The beauty of his person easily won over those previously disposed, and disarmed even those who abhorred his character and conduct.” That’s all it took to get me interested and out of the stacks and onto the cashiers line.  This is the second time I’ve read this novel and I do so gladly.

This tale of arms and the man requires two narrators. One, Jason, is an aging noble who serves as a sort of recording angel of the Athenian golden age as he did in the movie version of ‘Alexander’. Only this ones good to the last drop. You’ll find this a great summer read.  The author is gifted in pulling you into the story before you can be distracted by your life.  Check it out.