Nothing’s more important!!!!!!!!!

If you’ve had a Loved One, Friend, Co-Worker or Neighbor whose battled cancer and won or lost, the Stand Up To Cancer concert that will be multicast by the big three networks is not to be missed.  I’ve also included links to contribute to the cause.  If you’d like to get involved but don’t have the time or resources, you can also go to Itunes and puchase the song as of Tuesday, next week.

“Just Stand Up,” a charity single recorded by 15 all-stars – Mariah, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Natasha Bedingfield, Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Carrie Underwood, Keyshia Cole, Leann Rimes, Ashanti and Ciara, in anticipation of the September 5 “Stand Up for Cancer” telethon. The record was produced by Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and L. A. Reid – their first collaboration in 20 years. “Just Stand Up” will start getting airplay around the country tonight, and debut officially on iTunes on September 2.
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Pass the flag on…

Via Kelly at Rambling Along in Life…. He’s started what’s become a yearly tadition. He posts a flag representing Pride and requests that all his visitors, (daily or just passing through) post it on their own blogs as a show of gay solidarity. However, this year he’s asked that all who participate tell the story of their own transition into the greater family of man.  The out ‘n proud GAY ONE.

In contemplating this, I again realized what I’ve always known.  Mine was a cake-walk when put up against the stories we all tell of this pivotal moment.  I was the son of two progressive NY’ers who each had gay siblings who were out; and proud of it, long before my 1973 debut into ‘the life.”

The pain I caused myself anticipating how to broach the subject with the fam, was eased by my father who knew what I was experiencing- since my first crush was sent to a Kabul to study for the summer and I wore a new groove into Carole Kings ‘So Far Away’; he made sure I knew he understood and still loved me. Made sure I kept myself physically safe from the rest of the neighborhood and assured me that Avi would return and life would continue. He did, and it did.

I am a proud gay man on this special day when my brothers and sisters on the left coast, get their civil rights recognized come this afternoon. HAPPY PRIDE


We have officially begun the summer season of ’08.  Time to get the gear out and dial the daily grind to half-mast. Cause as we all strongly agree- at this time of the year we’re more apt to run ourselves to the very brink of demise.  Until Thursday night that is. When we crank up the worry to third gear over weekend invitations, whether or not we can still get away with last year’s bathing suits, Sunday nights’ quick comeuppance and that whole issue of not starting the beach-body diet/workout regime last February,

Sit back; relax; relate; and release.  The mojito’s will still be properly mulled and mixed, that bitch next-door with the flabby Lats will still have the better garden; for half the effort, and the suits will do just fine.  ’cause your real friend’s would never tell you otherwise. (at least not to your face).

Summer ’08.  Hot guys, Sunday tea, seedless water-melon; ET VOU!!!

The song is Jennifer Hudson singing the therme from the SATC-movie.  It just sounds liike a NY summer.

clic the pic to get the hit…


It’s here, it’s here!!!

After plenty of very close calls, NYC is finally in the midst of a full 5-8 inches of mother natures finest. I cannot get upset at the slips and falls (3x this morning) that I’ve experienced. The complete surprise from my dogs on their morning walkdrag- or the look of complete disbelief that my neighbors and I shared as we put the garbage back into our driveways ’cause we know… none of its getting picked up ’til next week’


It’s snowing and it’s pretty and the forecast rain storms for the weekend will make it all go-away too soon. Good storms and the ill tidings that follow them are something all East-coasters are use to by the age of 7 and at 40 years plus that- I still wonder with amazement if it’s the right weight and consistency to make a substantive snowball out of. 

It came down the way we wish it did every Christmas morning so as an aural representation of what coulda’ been, clicking on the pretty pic will get you Josh Groban performing ‘petit poppa noel’.  Yeah, I know its the end of February, but this is NY and I can still wish I were 7 and we’d get snowfall through Easter Sunday.

They say that behind every great man is… someone who’s tired of f’ing them.  I guess this proves the adage right.

Enjoy Matt ‘n Sara ‘n Jimmy and have a great weekend.



Normally I wouldn’t dare be so brazen and heap-on her mounting woes, but the on-line Tabs are reporting that she’s been released after a visit by Oprah’s Vah-Jay-Jay, I mean, Dr. Phil; and that she may well be appearing on his show as early as next week.

Isn’t this possibly the last thing in the world she needs right now? I was hoping for some court appointed help or at least a life preserver thrown out by Dr. Drew Pinsky, but this douche’?!?

Californians- watch for road signs like the one above and keep  your eyes peeled for the massive throng of Paps trailing at close range.  They may get the ending they’ve been gunnin’ for all along; The mother of two small boys on the coroner’s slab.