Allways just a Song Away

Blog Life, no. Just life- has taken a few sharp turns this week and I’m late with my weekly musical interlude.  So here goes. Its Colton Ford doing the lead track from his current album Tug-o-war.  The album is not to be missed and is probably one of the best I-tunes purchases I’ve made all year.  That is until the new Panic-at-the-Disco drops next month.

click the pic; enjoy the hit; and have a great weekend.



A Change of Heart


About a year ago, I stepped into the electoral morass and made a post tittled “the ridiculousness of Obama“.  It was my first strike attempt to steer voters toward the Clinton Camp, as I saw it as the best opportunity for gay men and women to be taken seriouslt, considered and included.  As time has past my main complaint with both Democratic Front Runners was ‘where’s the beef’!  Why are we so unaware of what they’d actually do for any of us here in the U.S.?  Now as the States are completing the primaries and making their decisions as well as their mandates; the candidates are stepping up to the plate. 

The second point that held me back from committing to either were the lack of a information on  possible running mates.  Clinton… you get nothing.  Obama… the choices are becoming clearer and the favorables are making me warm to this man in striking ways that have made me take another look at the total package. 

In his open letter to Gay Americans and via Andrew Sullivan Daily Dish; Obama wrote: “As your President, I will use the bully pulpit to urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws. I personally believe that civil unions represent the best way to secure that equal treatment. But I also believe that the federal government should not stand in the way of states that want to decide on their own how best to pursue equality for gay and lesbian couples — whether that means a domestic partnership, a civil union, or a civil marriage.” Whether or not he means it… at least someone in his camp is clear enough of thought to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s.

And then there’s the comforting speculation via the NY Observer that former Gov. Mark R. Warner could become his running mate.  This could possibly be our best bet for victory in a general election over John McCain.  Mark Warner has set his sites on a seat in the house, but could still join the campaign as early as Mid-March.  He has the executive branch and world stage experience I’ve always felt Obama lacked,and that our futures couldn’t wait for him to glean while in office.  Warner’s business background—he amassed a fortune investing in technology companies- would boost the ticket’s credibility on the subject. And as a centrist with a knack for winning Republican support his presence could make Obama viable even in the Southern states.

More to the point, Warner and Obama are in many ways cut from the same stylistic cloth. They’re both believers in a less ideological, future-vs.-past type of politics. Warner’s signature gubernatorial achievement was a tax reform package that raised rates for some in order to preserve the state’s bond rating and to create new revenue for public education. In a tax-phobic state, he enlisted crucial support from business leaders and Republicans—to push the plan through the Legislature.

Senator Obama has won me over and is proving to make the right moves to build a team that can build concensus  I find myself moving toward Camp Obama with a clear sense of purpose and actual hope that I’ll find my place at the table outsideof the rare air of my NYC Republican roots.

Game on.

Candidate Query

During Friday nite’s airing of Politically Incorrect over on HBO, Blog-Bear-Daddy Andrew Sullivan was queried about his earlier re-post of some questions to be asked of the remaining Republican Candidates; that originated over on John Cole’s Balloon Juice.

 They are:

1.) “Would you have sex with a man to stop a terrorist attack?”

2.) “If lowering taxes results in increased revenues then would lowering taxes to zero result in infinite revenues?”

3.) “If you had a time machine, would you travel back in time and abort Bin Laden?”

4.) “Would you torture and kill Jesus to ensure mankind’s salvation? And how does that work?”

5.) “If Russia entered Turkey from the rear would Greece help?”

6.) For Rudy specifically: “How many alimony checks does the sanctity of marriage cost?”

Says Cole, “Keep ‘em coming, as we have a solid mission.”

Though I didn’t agree with his assessment of how Gen. Wesley Clark (Ret.),  thought that criticism’s of Senator Clinton is part of Republican Party talking points; Andrew got it spot-on when he said that “Gen. Clark’s reaction was ‘Just a taste of how she will deal with dissent if she gets back into the White House’- for a third term“.

 Make no mistake.  I am a card carrying member of the G.O.P., but; I think Hillary is the only way to heal and move this country forward.  I also hope she’s around for at least two terms.

As I heard a comedian explain to his audience,Rudy Giuliani is the pit-bull you want protecting this country if another catastrophic event hits us… but he’s still the pit-bull likely to eat your family and the same man we wanted run out of NYC on a rail, on September 10, 2001. Just ask his kids.

Left out in the cold yet again?

Moscow’s skyline is about to change, a 612 meters tower is rising in Moscow International Business Center, 118 floors (101 elevators) to be completed in 2012. Designed by Foster + Partners.


Upon completion it will be the tallest building in Europe and the second tallest in the world. It will be second only to the Burj Dubai.

What’s interesting to me is “why isn’t there something this well thoughout and interesting here in NYC?”  Like in lower Manhattan? Say near Crt St./Dey St./Liberty St./West St.?  Looks like a freedom tower to me.

 via OutNext by Steph & Alek

Act Now. Our values depend on it.

I got an interesting email this morning and I think anyone reading this should post it, respond and write your representative(s).  The post title is no joke.  We swept the house and the senate to make sure our reps take us seriously. They’re not.

Dear Lexx,

Late last week, House leaders announced their decision to change the language of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) so that it only includes sexual orientation and not gender identity. These House leaders have said that they do not have enough votes to move forward with the original fully-inclusive bill.

We are profoundly disappointed by this move, and I want to explain our position and ask you to write your congress member today.

Tell your representative we need an employment discrimination law that includes the entire GLBT community.

Since 2004, the Human Rights Campaign’s policy has been to only support civil rights legislation that is inclusive of gender identity – a policy that was reaffirmed by our Board of Directors in a vote on Monday night.

That’s why we fought tirelessly for – and won – Congressional approval for a hate crimes bill that includes gender identity, and have been working for years to pass an inclusive employment discrimination bill. 

This year we ramped up our lobby presence on the Hill, helped coordinate broad coalition efforts, and deployed our field team to more than 40 key congressional districts to mobilize unprecedented support for an inclusive ENDA. We secured the active support of corporate America, with more than 50 major companies joining our Business Coalition for Workplace Fairness. Our Religion and Faith Program was instrumental as well, giving voice to thousands of faith leaders across the country.  We secured supportive editorials from a record number of newspapers, and with your help we generated hundreds of thousands of constituent contacts to members of Congress, through emails, phone calls, postcards, and thousands of hand-written letters.

However, we’re facing a stark reality. The House leadership and bill sponsors are moving forward with a non-inclusive ENDA – even without the full support of our community. They view this as the best opportunity this year to get a successful vote on legislation extending protections to the largest number of people.

I want you to know we made every possible effort to avoid having a non-inclusive bill introduced and we did succeed in helping convince Congressional leaders to delay action on the new bill until later this month.

We now have a window of opportunity to try and line up the votes we need to pass a fully-inclusive ENDA.

We’ve delivered HRC’s message to Congress, but I’m asking you today to send your own message. Your Representative must understand that supporters of equality will not rest until rights are extended to everyone in the GLBT community.

Tell your Representative you stand behind legislation that will provide the same protections to all GLBT people.

This has been a long battle. HRC first started the quest for ENDA in 1994. We’ve been pushing for an inclusive bill since 2004. This month, ENDA could pass the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in history.

I implore you to take action today and to forward this message to your family and friends. Working together, I am confident we can pass historic civil rights legislation.

Warmly, Joe Solmonese

We remain eternally greatful

Just six short years ago you geared-up, swallowed your apprehension and took to those towers to ensure our safety, our freedom and our way of life.

I salute you all.  All of the fallen men and women who gave of themselves, the ultimate; and for those who battle ill health and receive little help. 



Official kick-off of “House Cleaning Weekend”


 Time to avoid a fatal, error/crash/deletion.

I won’t be posting ’til next week.  It’s time for the full Registry Cleaning, re-Load of Microsoft XP, Mozilla, Installation of a new in-house nextwork and an update to the drivers for all the fixin’s.

Just something I do once a year to update what necessary and get rid of what’s not.  It’s incredible when you realize all the crap you save or pick-up in a small amount of On-Line Time.

Talk to ya’ all next week.