‘There is no way we are building the Javits Center’

“It is not going to happen. I am not going to be for it and I am not going to waste public money”, said Gov. Spitzer. Harsh

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Adding insult to Bloomberg’s injury, the money from any sale will go to Spitzer’s upstate development plan. The Sun reports that Gov. Spitzer plans to sell off the land

The full history of this story’s development and demise is over at Curbed.com, Spitzer Hands Blindfold, Cigarette to Javits Expansion 


Your Morning Credit Crunch: About That Slump…?


hedgies rejoice via the really cool kids at Curbed NYC – the future land baron’s reality website.

The disclaimer on all those strong third-quarter sales reports was that since most of the prices were actually negotiated in the shit-hot second quarter, the numbers of the supposedly troubled Q3 were being inflated by old deals. Experts said that to get a real gauge of the current state of the credit-crunched market, we’d have to wait for fourth-quarter numbers. Much doom and gloom was predicted. Well, the Times‘ Josh Barbanel has a peek at October’s early returns, and get this: sales were well above the numbers posted in October 2006, and the median prices were 16% higher. Transactions over $4 million increased sevenfold. Sevenfold! Condo liens be damned, can anything slow this market down? Maybe developers should stop accepting Monopoly money as legal tender.
· What Market Slump? [NYT]

You should definitely get this.


 So. Your a native New Yorker or a hedge-fund devotee’ and your willing to “PAY” to be come a naturalised one.  Your ready to put down 4 million on a Pied a’ tier and you intend to use that country house Gran Mere’ willed to you.  You need a car for these jaunts and paying another 400K for a deeded garage is not worth it to you.

 The answer is just around the corner and->->-> 20 flights up!

The world of tomorrow is here and Judy Jetson is waiting to go clubbing.

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