Mamma said, “Knock You The Hell Out”

One lesson in life that’s survived since childhood, and stayed true throughout my life is that you’d better be careful of stirring the pot because the burnt stuff and the bottom could spoil the whole meal.  Sen. McCain taught his attack dog two new phrases and loosed her on the world with a pocker full of NewsBites the are misleading and largely inaccurate.  Now Sen. Obama is fighting back directly from the muddy dreck at the bottom of the wading pool and has even let his staff do their damndest with a new website to hit back hard.

Said Obama communications director Dan Pfeiffer: “While John McCain may want to turn the page on his erratic response to the current economic crisis, we think voters will find his involvement in a similar crisis to be particularly interesting. His involvement with Keating is a window into McCain’s economic past, present, and future.”




I came into being. 4-4-61 @ 11:46am @ Forest Hills Hospital. Loved by more than one; a favorite of both friends & family;  adored without question; worshipped by those who’ve cared to venture forward & find the real person living at the center of the maelstrom.  In other words, I’m just like you.

about a boy ‘n his briefs turned me onto Imagini. The  banner below will show you who I am.




   resize_451d033d.jpg my sin (freedom gained 5/22/06)  

 resize_-2b8bb3d3.jpg my salvation (the dark mistress) 

resize_-7332850d.jpg the ctr of the storm (where I live)

and all this from an Oscar nite aside

Al Gore had scarcely stepped away from the microphone at Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony, where An Inconvenient Truth won 2 statuettes, before the cries of “Run, Al, run!” began to echo even louder through the blogosphere.

How do you feel about another Clinton/Gore administration? How about Gore/Clinton?

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Gratefully there are all too many bloggers out there with tons to say about last niter’s Oscar (fiasco) Event.  You couldn’t care less what I have to say about it, nor should you.  It’s over, let it go.

However, there is one person  whose aftermath recap is worth the read and that’s Steven over at his eloquent and sustaining blog Human Nature.  He’s put it all into perspective. Accurately describing his red carpet experiences after escaping Joan & Melissa’s ‘snatched ‘n tucked’ death-grip (“probably trying to capture the essence of my youth”).

I swear, this should be posted everywhere prior to next years weekend  of love/hate/joy/retribution, for everyone with an Internet connection to breathe-in and enjoy.

Oh and Beyonc’e… it’s a feeling; you’ll get over it.


Anna Nicole Smith found Dead


Let the money grab, paternity denial and child give-away begin.



If you’re like me you did anything your partner asked.  As long as it didn’t involve the “Big Game”.  Well if you did, you missed out on the best part of the 4 hours others have lost forever; The commercials.

 The NY Times is displaying a complete selection of the best of the best from yesterday’s Superbowl and they’re definitely worth catching. 

If only they could get Joan and Melissa to host the Tail-Gate, then we’d have something.