Les Miz-Barack

Undoubtably the cutest thing ever placed on the ‘TUBE’  Its also the most ingenious representation of the campaign being re-energized. You know the lies are flying from every corner and now it’s up to us.  LETS GET GOING!


Tuggin’ at me once again

Our favorite porn star turned music act- Colton Ford , has just released his newest vid from the Tug-o-War album.  Though not overly impressed by the effort; (follow the link for the album; you won’t be disappointed) I’m posting it and other efforts from this debut album; for you to realise as I did, that there’s more to hm than what the labels feeding us. Enjoy.

Don’t piss off ‘Dot’

Just a bit of silly to kick off this historic weekend.  It’s a MadTV utube snippet that shows Dorothy Gale just the way we wish she’d have acted in the end. If you take the girl from Kansas, don’t drop her onto Christopher Street.  Amost 40 years ago, our sisters proved what a bad decision that could be. (take that, ya psycho glitter bitch!)

Have a great and HAPPY PRIDE everyone.

New Music Tuesday

So OK. It’s been around for a few months and I’ve even done posts about it before, but you must see the full Vid to understand why I think he’s not lauded enough. 

We’re far too use to him stripping-off and entertaining us in other ways and I’m glad he’s still expanding his optons and teaming up with other LGBT performers to show the music world that talent like this deserves to be developed.  Homo-thug rap artiste Cazwell joins Pappa-Bear on this BANGA.

The full album titled ‘Tug-o-War’is available through ITunes. Enjoy!!!!!!!

OH! Now I see.

Despite her continuous wins in the States we really never pay attention to.; other than General Election season; I think I figured out why Mrs. Clinton stcks around and won’t leave!  And we thought Babba-Wawwa was the only one to get down with the SWIRL!

Many thanks to the genius’ at MadTV.

The Rhombus! ?????

The area of the rhombus is equal to its base times its height, or: area = bh

(I know, I had to look it up too)

They’re back and I’m soooo happppy!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE KIDS IN THE HALL. SO NOT NSFW


put it on mute, Daddy!

Bea Arthur, Sally Struthers, Charlotte Rae and Katherine Helmond (& Abe Vigoda) in an amusing take-off of Carrie and the gurhls after the Depends go full price at Save-on!! Happy April  Fools Day! Enjoy.